During our travels we have stayed in many different guesthouses and budget hotels. We desire not much, the only thing we always wanted was our own bathroom. We have collected all the information about our stays, so why not share it with you?

We have listed the cities in alphabetic order, with below the name(s) of the accommodation. If the accommodation is on, you will find a link to their website. Please consider using those links if you are planning to book one of the accommodations (or any other), in that case will will earn some pocket money. Thanks!


Souchittra Guesthouse, quiet place, 110.000 kip (march 2015)

Don Det

Crazy Gecko, great place, 150.000 kip (march 2015)

Don Khon

Pa Kha Guesthouse, choice of different rooms, 100.000 kip (march 2015)

Luang Namtha

Thoulasith Guesthouse, good and clean, 90.000 kip big fan room (dec 2015)

Luang Prabang

Phongphilack Guesthouse, good value, 100.000 kip (dec 2015)

Muang Khoua

Chalounsuk Guesthouse, big and clean rooms, 70.000 kip fan room (dec 2015)

Muang Ngoi Neua

Suan Phao Guesthouse, nice views, 60.000 kip small, 80.000 kip big fan bungalow (dec 2015)

Nong Khiaw

Sunrise Guesthouse, different bungalows, 100.000 kip big riverview bungalow (dec 2015)

Oudomxai (Muang Xai)

Saylomen Guesthouse, OK for one night, 70.000 kip fan room (dec 2015)


Lankham Hotel, different rooms, check them first, 100.000 kip (march 2015)


Leena Guesthouse, many different rooms and prices, 100.000 kip (march 2015)

Tad Lo

Palamei Guesthouse, great place, different rooms and bungalows, 50.000 kip / 70.000 kip (march 2015)

Vang Vieng

Domon Guesthouse, overpriced, 100.000 kip fan room town view (dec 2015)

Maylyn Guesthouse, great, different rooms and bungalows, 100.000 kip fan room (dec 2015)


Mixok Inn, basic but ok, 150.000 kip AC room incl. breakfast (dec 2015)

Xepon (Sepon)

Houng Heuang, ok place, 100.000 kip (march 2015)