During our travels we have stayed in many different guesthouses and budget hotels. We desire not much, the only thing we always wanted was our own bathroom. We have collected all the information about our stays, so why not share it with you?

We have listed the cities in alphabetic order, with below the name(s) of the accommodation. If the accommodation is on, you will find a link to their website. Please consider using those links if you are planning to book one of the accommodations (or any other), in that case will will earn some pocket money. Thanks!


Market Motel, very cheap but good, 330 thb (jan 2014)


Phong Appartment, ok for one night, 480 thb (jan 2014)

S1 Hostel, great place and location, 1000 thb (march 2014)

Silver Gold Garden, Suvarnabhumi Airport, near airport,

700 thb incl transfer (nov 2015 + feb 2016),

855 thb incl transfer and breakfast (march 2018),

367 thb (nov 2022)

The Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel, opposite Hua Lamphong railwaystaion, 750 thb (nov 2015), 880 thb (oct 2017)

Sri-Ayuttaya Guesthouse (Tavee Guesthouse), nice place, 900 thb family room (feb 2016)

Steve Boutique Hostel, great value, 750 thb AC room (feb 2016)

We Inn, ok for one night, walking distance to Don Muang Airport, 880 thb AC room (jan 2018)

Sound@sleep Hotel, nice local neighbourhood, 620 thb AC room (jan 2023)


Rinradee Place, good and clean, 520 thb incl. breakfast (jan 2014)

Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao Inn Hotel, only if neccessairy to stay in town, 650 thb AC room (nov 2015)

Chan and Cees, nice bungalows, 300 thb fan bungalow (nov 2015)

Chiang Khong

Baanrimtaling, nice but noisy, lots of room choices, 450 thb fan bungalow (dec 2015)

Chiang Mai

CM Blue House (new name Viraporns Place), nice place, 400 thb (dec 2013)

Jaidee Guesthouse, bungalow is nice, rooms in house need renovation, 12oo thb bungalow, 550 thb AC room (nov 2017)

Chiang Rai

Baan Bua Guesthouse, good and very friendly owner, 400 thb (dec 2013), 350 thb small room (nov 2015)

Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen Guesthouse, not that good, but not much else in town, 300 thb fan room (dec 2015)


Nora Guesthouse, thai style bungalows, 400 thb AC (march 2018)


Mining in Pilok Homestay, new rooms, expensive for what you get but everything is, 700 thb fan room (dec 2017)

Hua Hin

Victor Guesthouse, many different rooms, swimmingpool, 575 thb AC (march 2018)

Kamphaeng Phet

Three J Guesthouse, very nice gardens, 500 thb for bungalow (nov 2015)


VN Guesthouse, choice of different rooms, 475 thb (march 2014), 525 thb raftroom no riverview (dec 2017)

Rainbow lodge, run down, not so clean and overpriced VIP room, 950 thb (dec 2017) better go next door to VN GH

Khlong Sok (Khao Sok National Park)

Khao Sok Country Resort, big clean room with big balcony, 790 thb AC (march 2018)

Khon Kaen

KK Centrum, very clean, 650 thb (feb 2014)

Khun Yuam

Mitkhoonyoum Hotel, many different room types, 400 thb fan room, very noisy (nov 2017)

Khura Buri

Tararin Resort, old and run down, better stay elsewhere, 600 thb AC familyroom

Ko Phangan, Thongsala

The Pier Resort, small but new and clean bungalow, 990 thb AC (feb 2018)

Koh Si Chang

Adrian View Resort, nice and clean, but a bit overpriced as all accomodation on the island, 900 thb (feb 2016)


Smile Guesthouse, basic but good, 450 thb (march 2014)


TonNam Guesthouse, great place, very friendly family, 300 thb (nov 2013)


Noom guesthouse, Great place, Bungalow room with private bathroom, 590 thb (oct 2017)

Mae Hong Son

Boondee House, bit overpriced, 500 thb no AC (nov 2015)

Johnnie Guesthouse, basic but nice place, 300 thb no AC (nov 2015)

Sarm Mork Guesthouse, nice big bungalow, 680 thb AC (nov 2017)

Mae Salit (Tha Song Yang disctrict)

New Mae Salit Guesthouse, big room with AC good value, 400 thb (nov 2017)

Mae Salong

Shin Sane Guesthouse, first hotel in town since 1970; it shows, but great, 300 thb fan bungalow (nov 2015)

Mae Sariang

North West Guesthouse, basic but nice place, 450 thb AC incl breakfast (nov 2015), 400 thb AC room without breakfast (nov 2017)

Mae Sot

The Picture Book Guesthouse, boutique for budget price, 600 thb incl breakfast (nov 2015 + nov 2017)

Green Guesthouse, cheap and nice place, 350 thb AC (nov 2015), 360 tbh fan incl. breakfast (nov 2017)


Rabiang Muk, nice and clean place, 550 thb (jan 2014)

Nakhon Phanom

K.S. Mansion, ok but nothing special, 450 thb (jan 2014)

Nakhon Ratchassima (Korat)

Sansabai Guesthouse, very good, 450 thb (march 2015 + jan 2016)

Nakhon Sawan

Baan Tiddin, nice bungalow, friendly owners, 590 thb incl breakfast (dec 2017)

Nakhon Si Thammerat

Loftel @ Nakhon, new, big room, friendly staff, balcony, 550 thb AC (feb 2018)


Nan Guesthouse, great rooftop terrace, nice staff, 450 thb (oct 2017)

Nong Khai

Mut Mee Guesthouse, great place, 800 thb ac room, 380 thb fan bungalow (feb 2014)


Pai Loess Resort, worth the price, 600 thb AC bungalow (nov 2015)

Pai Friendly resort, free pick-up from station, nice owner, nice place, 500 thb fan bungalow, 600 thb AC room (nov 2017)


S-One Apartments, 700 thb AC room (feb 2016)


Kwan Phayao Lakehouse, nice and friendly owners, 590 thb AC room incl breakfast (nov 2017)


2N Guesthouse, nice and friendly, 612 thb AC incl breakfast (march 2018)


P1 House, nice and clean, 600 thb (oct 2013)

Banmeesukko, friendly owner and clean, 450 thb incl breakfast (oct 2017)


The Best Room Place, thai style accomodation, clean and friendly, 500 thb incl breakfast (oct 2017)

Mee Bed and Breakfast, great place!, 750 thb incl breakfast (oct 2017)

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Palm Sweet Hotel, nice and clean, 500 thb (march 2014)

Maggie’s Seaview Guesthouse, nice setting along the beach road, 650 thb AC and seaview (march 2018)


Pua Sabay resort, nice bungalow, no english, 500 thb (oct 2017)


Dhala House, nice bungalows, 550 thb (march 2018)

Sa Kaeo

Hop Inn hotel, good and clean but no charm, 650 thb AC room (jan 2016)


ศรีเพ็ชร์ รีสอร์ท, nice small new bungalow with jungle view, 600 thb AC (dec 2017)


Pimarm Guesthouse, basic room but clean and super friendly staff, 400 thb AC (feb 2018)


Bo-Yang Guesthouse, big clean room, 550 thb AC (feb 2018)

Sonsiri Hotel, good place, 500 thb (feb 2018)


Little Eden Guesthouse, bungalow is tiny and moist (400 thb), Dahra room (no AC) nice but overpriced (800 thb) (nov 2017)


TR Guesthouse, choice of bungalows and rooms, 600 thb bungalow (oct 2013)

Surat Thani

Papangkorn House, clean room, great value, 468 thb AC (feb 2018)

Tha Sao (Sai Yok district)

Baanrai Saiyoknoi Resort, nice and quiet, incl breakfast, 800 thb fan room (dec 2017)


Apple Resort, nice but a bit overpriced, 500 thb fan bungalow (nov 2015)

Thong Pha Phum

Ban Thong Yo, great value, nice balcony, 400 thb AC (dec 2017)

Thungwualean Beach (Chumphon)

Albatross Guesthouse, big clean room with balcony, 590 thb AC (march 2018)


My Friend Guesthouse, good place, 650 thb (march 2014), 575 thb special offer (feb 2018)


Garden Guesthouse, basic but ok, 400 thb AC room (jan 2016)

Pop Riverview Homestay, nice and quiet, 650 thb big AC room with kitchen, long stay price (jan 2016)

Ubon Ratchathani

Sri Isan Hotel, small rooms, 450 thb (jan 2014 + march 2015)

Phadaeng Mansion, nice and clean, big rooms, 500 thb (jan 2014)

Udon Thani

Silver Reef hotel, clean and near busstation, 600 thb AC room (jan 2016)


Umphang House, great value!, 250 thb fan room (nov 2017)